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What is a claims service or claims management specialist?

A claims service company is usually a company run by a team of specialists who are appointed by you if you think that you have a claims case which you do not feel confident to run on your own. They are usually legal or financial professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to help you win the most compensation possible. The two most common claims which people appoint claims services for in Ireland are:

  • Injury or Accidents which were not your fault
  • Mis-Sold PPI and various other financial products

I have been mis-sold PPI, how can I make a claim?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has been in the press a lot in the last few years, with many people concerned they have been mis-sold PPI which has turned out to be invalid or pointless. PPI was not designed for this purpose so many people have found that they have made successful claims. A claims management service can help you with your claim if you do not feel you have the knowledge or expertise to follow the claim through successfully. You can apply online with a claims service; simply provide the claims specialist company with the details of your PPI. The claims services will then be able to identify if you have a case. There are been thousands of successful claims made over the last few years so t is worth enquiring if you have a case.

I have been in an accident that was not my fault; can I make an injury claim?

If you have had an injury at work or in a public place and it was not your fault then an injury claim specialist could help you win the compensation that you deserve. Injuring yourself could lead to a great deal or pain and suffering, but not only this; it could also lead to financial hardship and put a strain on relationships. Injury claims specialists will be able to assess your case to see if they think that it could be successful. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to know if you stand a good chance of winning, usually they will only take on your case if they are confident they will win. Apply for a claims service online and make a no obligation enquiry. You should then be sent the fee structure and terms and conditions that you can research. Ensure that you research the company that you choose carefully and thoroughly read their terms and conditions. When applying you will need to provide details of the accident to your claims specialist and in many instances you will need proof of the injury.

What are the disadvantages to a claims specialist company?

You should do your research thoroughly when using a claims management company and be aware that using a claims service is risky if you are in debt or in arrears. If you are in debt then banks or lenders will use the money and compensation that you win to clear your debt. If this does happen, you will never receive your winnings in your bank account but the claims specialist company will still want their fees for the service they have supplied you with. If you are in financial hardship and cannot afford the claims services fees, you could find yourself in a worse debt than you were before.

It is important to remember that you can make the claim yourself without appointing the help of a claims service - for free. If you believe you have the time and expertise to make a claim then there are ways you can make the claim yourself and still be successful.

What should I do if I keep getting calls from claims services?

You should never sign up with a Claims Service or Claims Specialist Company who have got in contact with you through unsolicited means. If you get a cold call or email from a company it is essential to delete and ignore it. These companies might not be who they say they are and more often than not will have high fees and unattractive terms and conditions. Steer well clear and report them if necessary!


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