Debt Consultants (Consolidation Loan)
Debt consultants have debt specialists on hand to advise you in your time of need. Their experts can advise you how to proceed and find the debt consolidation loan which is best for you. Debt Consolidation is simply a means of taking all your debts together and gathering them into one affordable monthly payment. Debt consolidation will streamline and simplify your debt problems.
Location: Ireland
Lender/Broker: Broker
1.All your previous debt repayments are converted into one standard monthly payment.
2.The amount you will pay on a monthly basis will be lower than your previous monthly payments. This will ease considerably the pressure on your personal budget.
3.Interest rates associated with Debt Consolidation are normally lower than interest rates associated with other forms of debt like Credit Cards etc.
1.Under Debt Consolidation your monthly debt repayments are normally lower than your previous debt arrangements. This eases monthly financial pressure on the client. However, it stands to reason that a lower repayment will obviously mean a longer repayment term.
2.Always read the terms and conditions of any financial product. Debt Consolidation loans are no different.

They can help with 1.Mortgage Arrears (due to loss of income)
 2.Property Repossession cases
 3.Credit Card Debts (single or multiple)
4.Personal Loan arrears
5.Hire purchase loans
6.Bank overdrafts (Personal or Business)
7.Tax liabilities (Personal or Business)

APR: See Website For DetailsLoan Amount: See Website For Details
Min Term: See Website For DetailsMax Term: See Website For Details

Secured Loan: YesUnsecured Loan: No

Terms and Conditions:
A consolidation loan in its simplest form is another loan taken out to clear existing or outstanding debts. Although this may seem like a great solution it comes with draw backs with need to be fully understood.
See Website For Details
For those in severe debt
Ireland Only

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