AIB Click Visa Credit Card (Credit Card)Visa Card
Did you know the AIB CLICK Visa Credit Card has the lowest interest rate? It is very similar to any other card, but you have the ease and convenience of managing your account online, and if that's not enough AIB are offering you the chance to WIN 1 of 5 holidays worth EUR1,000 each. AIB is one of the most established and respected banks in Ireland and provide a fast and efficient service. This credit card can be used anywhere they accept visa including online, in hotels shops and restaurants. Read T&Cs before application.
Location: Ireland
1. Second clickcard free
2. No annual bank fee
3. 24 hour service
4. Free Personal Accident Travel Insurance
5. Low APR
1. A minimum payment of at least 3% or 6.35 if greater must be paid monthly.
2. There is an annual stamp duty charged by the Government on all Irish credit card accounts.
1.Emergency Cash Service
2.Up to 56 days free credit

APR: 13.6%
Credit Limit: 1,500
Credit Rebuild: No
Chip and Pin: Yes
Under 18: No
SMS Banking: No

Fees: 0.00
Cash Back: N/A
Cash Advances: 19.68%
Balance Transfer: 9.11%
New Purchase: 9.11%

Rewards: N/A
AIB Click Visa Credit Card (Which Way To Pay Ireland - 13/2/2013)
AIB Click Visa Credit Card is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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