Currency Charts

The charts below show you the live currency exchange rates on all global currency majors. Have a look around the page the graph displays the last 7 hours of the Euro's performance versus the British pound.

The Movers and Shakers FX chart shows which currency pairs are undergoing the biggest movements on the market. View fluctuations on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly breakdown basis.

Please note: the figures shown here are intended as a guide only the rates offered by a foreign exchange bank or merchant may be different.

Please Note: These figures are intended only as a guide. The rates offered by a bank or currency firm may be different.


Hover cursor over the chart to open its control panel, select 'OPTIONS' for more currency pairs.

Forex Daily High / Low.

Lowest and highest points in currency trends during current trading session

Represents the TOP of rises and drops in the financial sector for different time periods

To change graph view and parameters, hover cursor over the chart. You will see the control panel on top right of chart - click on 'OPTIONS' to proceed.

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