Welcome to our Currency Exchange area. If you are looking to transfer money abroad then the services of Foreign Exchange Specialists and Remittance Services are both available to you here. The knowledge of the Foreign Exchange specialists displayed is second to none and they will be able to help you get the best foreign exchange rates available for all of your money transfer needs.


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Do you require fast, highly secure and low cost international foreign exchange services? Whether you need to set up a one-off moneytransfer or regular overseas transactions to a foreign currency, the services on Which Way To Pay Ireland are guaranteed to offer you the most specialised service available.

You may need to pay for school fees for your children based abroad, set up an overseas mortgage, pay for staff that are located in another country or simply send money to a friend or associate based in a foreign country and currency. The foreign exchange specialists listed on this site can set up payments to virtually any global location, offer the best exchange rates and a fast and uncomplicated process for you. They can do this for you whether you are an individual or a corporate entity. Even if you simply want to send a small transfer to family or friends overseas, you will find an inexpensive and easy service in the Money Transfer area of the site.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Private Clients

If you need to send around 1,000 or more to an overseas currency account, the services listed in this section are designed for you. Set up an account free of charge with one of the listed foreign exchange brokers, request your transfer and you will receive an excellent one-to-one service with unbeatable exchange rates.

Not only can you relax in the knowledge that you are receiving the best exchange rates available to private or corporate clients on the market (within 1% and 3% of the Interbank exchange rate), but you will not be subject to commission or fees. As long as your transfer amount is over a benchmark level (usually set at around 1,000 but this may vary), you will pay absolutely nothing, while your transfer will reach its destination within 3 days in some cases even instantly.

Foreign exchange brokers are experts in the field of foreign currency, and handle high volumes of foreign currency each day. As such they are able to access the best rates on the market and pass these on directly to their customers. Unlike traditional banks, they do not take a large portion of this, or charge fees and commission. In addition, as their client you will receive personal assistance and guidance and at no time will you be subject to bothersome call centres!

See for yourself by looking at the rates and services offered in our comparison area. The brokers listed will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Corporate Clients

Regardless of the size of your company, a foreign exchange specialist offers a far more efficient and low cost way of dealing with your overseas payments and transfers. Whether you are looking for a straightforward channel for your international imports, payment of overseas merchants or staff or whether your company simply wants to set up a currency investment arm, the specialists listed on Which Way To Pay Ireland offer the perfect solution.

As a corporate client, you will receive the best hedging strategies to manage your risk exposure. These will include a range of forward contracts, vanilla options or high tech solutions depending on your requirements.

Your money will be handled by highly qualified professionals who deal with large volumes of foreign currency every day. You will receive a dedicated one-to-one service so regardless what time of day you can reach an expert broker to discuss your needs. Unlike a traditional bank, the brokers listed on this site offer the best exchange rates but will not charge fees or commission. Compare the services using our comparison page or request a free quote anytime.

Money Transfer Online for Smaller Transfers

Are you looking for a low cost and fast way to send money overseas? Perhaps you want to send a small transfer to a friend or family based abroad you can find a wide range of excellent services to help you on Which Way To Pay Ireland. You can pick a service depending on your requirements, such as online, wire or telephone transfers.

The money transfer services listed on this site can deal with lower transfers (less than around 1,000) and can offer unbeatable exchange rates regardless of where in the world you need to send money. Exchange rates are updated frequently so you can check and compare them against other money transfer services.

Whether you need to send money to India, Africa or just within Europe, the money transfer services on Which Way To Pay Ireland will be able to offer you a much faster and cheaper way of going about it than a regular bank. The exchange rates you receive will also be far better.

If you need to set up larger overseas payments, then consider one of the foreign currency exchange brokers for private clients displayed on this site (see above). If you are a company then head for your Foreign Exchange for Corporate Clients area to get the best deal.


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