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Current Accounts

Current Accounts are offered by most banks and building societies and you can access yours in a range of ways – by visiting your local branch, by post, online or even telephone. You are most likely to be offered a Debit card to use with your current account to make payments and cash withdrawals.

You may be offered an overdraft with your current sccount. This may be offered immediately when you open the account, or you may be offered it after a period of having the account open. The amount of "authorised overdraft facility" you are offered will be decided by your bank and will depend on your personal circumstances.

You may be offered a credit card in conjunction with your Current account – this, again depends on your personal circumstances. For more information on credit cards, please visit our dedicated section in the Information Library.

You are most likely to be offered a cheque book in conjunction to your current account – this is a useful way to pay for certain items but cheque books are used less and less nowadays. Indeed, there is even an indication that they may be phased out altogether.


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