Money Village (Debt Management)
Money Village is an Irish owned Debt management company based in Swords, Co Dublin. They offer professional debt advisory and debt management plans in Ireland through their national network of Qualified Financial Consultants. As a customer of Money Village you will be supported by a company whose people are deeply committed to helping you once again live your life free from the stress of debt. Remember that debt management solutions can offer be more expensive than repaying your current debt as they are.
1.Experts in their field
2.Uncomplicated, detailed website
1.Consolidation loans unlikely
2.Your credit score may be affected negatively.
1.They negotiate and agree affordable debt payments for their customers with their creditors.
2.Their representation results in creditors agreeing to freeze interest and charges and in many cases creditors may agree to partial write off of debt. 
3.They explain the legal consequences of not dealing with your debt. Throughout the term of their plans, their customers have access to a personal advisor for ongoing advice.

Debt Options: Debt Management, Debt Consolidation
Minimum Debt: None
Minimum Monthly Income: €1000 per month
Write Off Options: Apply for a consultation

Terms and Conditions:
An ‘Initial Instruction Fee’ of €495 is payable to cover the costs of setting up the plan. It is possible to spread the cost over three months depending on your disposable income. Where payment is spread over a number of months, it will result in lower repayments being made to your creditors for that period. There is a ‘Monthly Management Fee’ to cover the cost of administering payments to creditors, providing a dedicated Personal Advisor, and dealing with subsequent queries from creditors. This fee is €35 if you have between 1 and 3 debts, €40 for 4 or 5 debts and €50 if you have 5 or more debts.
Name, Address, Bank Acount Details
1. You must be resident in Ireland
2. You must be over 18
For those with serious debt difficulties
Money Village (Which Way To Pay Ireland - 15/2/2013)
Money Village is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating
Money Village (Debt Management) (Which Way To Pay - 13/7/2011)
Money Village (Debt Management) is ranked 3 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

3 Star Rating

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