Financial Products You Should Get For Free

04 August 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Financial Products You Should Get For Free

Current Accounts
The amount of fee paying current accounts has increased dramatically in recent years and although they offer nice little extras like travel insurance and breakdown cover, unless these add-ons suit you its simply not worth paying for a current account when you can still get one for free! Furthering this, these days nearly all accounts come with a free online banking facility making money easier to manage than ever!

Debt advice
Free debt services like the Consumer Credit Counselling Service and your local Citizens Advice Bureau can help you get advice regarding debts. After all, if youre already in money trouble, the last thing your finances need is paying for a debt adviser on top of everything else!
Our attitude towards debt is changing with the advent of government-sponsored debt in the form of student loans. It is now common for students to have debt and as a result there are many more options for discussing debt repayment as well as accessible strategies to address debt online.

Overdrafts if youre a student!
Many banks are able to lend interest-free money to student account holders up to a pre-arranged limit. Indeed, there are many perks to being a student account holder be it from free text updates to vouchers and discounts so be sure to compare all the benefits to get the freebies that suit your lifestyle best!
Cash withdrawals/Cashback you can always get this for free, so be sure to check for surcharges on ATMs in shops and petrol stations in particular. If in doubt, ask for cash back!



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