How To Transfer Money Safely

07 December 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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How To Transfer Money Safely

Using a money transfer service is a way to send money to people that you know and trust. Money transfer providers offer fast, convenient and reliable options for consumers to send and receive money worldwide.

However, money transfer services are often used by fraudsters in connection with many types of fraud. Being aware is half the battle and will prevent you from being cheated.

Never let a fraudster educate you on how a money transfer service works - only take advice from the money transfer company

Never ignore the warnings or make false statements on money transfer documents. The information is there to protect you.

Do not pay for items bought on line, including via Auction sites, using a money transfer service. Providers of money transfer services are not responsible for the satisfactory receipt of goods or services paid for by means of a money transfer.

Never share details of a money transfer with a third party to prove the availability of funds. Doing so may enable the money transfer to be paid to that third party. This is known as a ‘Proof of Funds’ fraud.

Many people become victims of fraud due to a relationship they have over the Internet. This may be persuasive selling or a long term ‘honey-trap’ romance lasting months.

The advice is simple: Never send money to, or share details of a money transfer with, somebody that you do not know.



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