PM Kenny Optimistic About Irish Economy

17 February 2012 - Which Way to Pay

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PM Kenny Optimistic About Irish Economy

In a talk at the Institute of Politics yesterday Ireland’s Prime Minister, Edna Kenny, discussed Ireland’s economic recovery in an attempt to attract American investment. He said that Ireland saw its first economic growth in 2011 since the economic crisis began. He also stated that Ireland’s economy had returned to growth and competitiveness is improving, yields on Irish Government bonds have decreased by half since last summer and Ireland had raised revenues without raising income taxes. Kenny said, “More than any other country we have the capacity to be the leaders, the innovators for the future.”

“Right now, we are on target to correct our budget deficit – steady actions the government has taken are sending strong signals to the financial markets about our determination to stick to our plans,” said Kenny.

Kenny recently announced a plan to add 200,000 jobs in Ireland by 2020, a plan he has called “ambitious but realistic.” He hopes that a large proportion of those jobs will come directly from new US investment. Employers and trade unions have welcomed the Action Plan on Jobs but some deficiencies have been emphasised.  The Prime Minister claims that radical improvements in the way government and business interact would result in a much needed workforce boost.


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