AIB Home Insurance (Home Insurance)
Apply online for AIB home insurance and see what you could save. Receive 25% discount if you are a first time buyer or have been claim free for 3 years. There is also an interest FREE monthly direct debit payment options. AIB provide differnet types of cover for your home so make sure you research what you are looking for thoroughly in order to find the best deal. Always read the terms and conditions of any insurance product before you apply. If you have any queries contact AIB directly for more information.
Location: Ireland
1.20% discount if you're a first time buyer or have been claim free for 3 years.
2.Spread your home insurance repayments over 12 months at no extra cost with our free direct debit payment option
3.Security & Age discounts; for smoke alarms, security alarms, Neighbourhood Watch and those aged over 50
4.Low Claims Excess of EUR250
5.Additional discounts if you are a mortgage customer
6.Flexible contents insurance cover designed to meet your individual needs, select from a minimum of EUR25,000
7.Free Accidental Damage cover for buildings
8.Free 24-hour emergency helpline
1. You will need to apply to obtain more details.
1.AIB Smart Residence - Home Insurance cover for a property that is occupied by the owner
2.AIB Smart Retreat - Holiday Home Insurance for privately owned holiday homes for personal use or rental.
3.AIB Smart Invest - Home Insurance for privately owned properties that are rented to tenants.
4.AIB Smart Construct - Insurance for houses that are in the process of being built by qualified contractors.

Policy Name: AIB Home Insurance
Policy Cost: From $39.35 per month
Policy Deductable: €250

Cover Type: AIB Home Insurance
Cover Level: Standard - Premier
Cover Detail:
1. Any one of your valuables does not exceed € 2,600
2. The total value of valuables does not exceed 30% of the contents sum insured

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: AXA Insurance Ltd
Pay Monthly: Yes

For those wishing to purchase home insurance
1.Home owners only
2.Ireland only
Your house must be in a good state of repair and will be so maintained at all times

If you are a first time buyer, taking out a new AIB Home Mortgage, or switching to Home Insurance from AIB from a competitor, we have a number of generous discounts available.
First time buyers & new mortgage business will qualify for 20% No Claims Discount upfront in year 1. Customers switching to a Home Insurance product will also receive the discount or part thereof dependant on their claims history with other insurers. They also offer additional discounts if you have an AIB Mortgage, Personal Loan, Car Loan / Finance, Credit Card or AIB Car Insurance policy.

Home Info:
Accidental Damage: No
Fusion Cover: No
Under Insurance Protection: No
Flood Cover: No
Valuables: No

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