Aviva House Insurance (Home Insurance)
Apply online and you will receive instant cover for your home buildings and contents insurance. Want real help about the house? Get Aviva house insurance. Please refer to your policy and schedule for details of your cover, as specific terms, conditions and product benefits may apply to your policy. Aviva provide different levels of cover so make sure that you assess these in details and work out what works for you. Read the terms and conditions of the policy you are interested in thoroughly before you make a purchase.
1. Christmas and weddings increase automatically.
2. Refund up to €650 of credit and debit card bill
3. They will pay up to €400 for loss or damage to your guest personal belongings
4. They pay up to €1,000 to replace title deeds lost or damage in your home or when lodged with a bank or solicitor.
5. We’ll pay a benefit of €40 per day or part day that you or your partner are called to jury service, up to a total of €650, with no loss of your no claims bonus.
6. If either you or your partner dies from an injury received in your home caused by a fire, violence related to a theft or an accident, we’ll pay a death benefit of €3,300.
7. Replacing door locks
1. You must pay an excess for any claim made.
2. Exclusions apply to read full policy document
1. Credit and debit cards
2. Extra cover for Christmas and weddings
3. Visitors' personal belongings
4. Title deeds
5. Fire brigade charges
6. Frozen food
7. Jury service
8. Death benefit
9. Pet cover
10. Replacing door locks
11. Automatically reinstating your buildings or contents sums insured
12. Homecall helpline
13. Providing alternative accommodation
14. Round the clock claims service

Policy Name: Aviva House Insurance
Policy Cost: From €332.65 per year
Policy Deductable: Varies

Cover Type: Buildings and Contents
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:
Buildings cover
1. This covers both buildings and other permanent fixtures, such as: Outbuildings
2. Fixtures and fittings
3. Interior decorations
4. Fences and walls
Contents cover
1. Covers household goods and any personal belongings, including cash up to €400, that are kept in your home
2. Covers contents belonging to you and any member of your household

Application Methods: Online, Tel
Pay Monthly: No

Standard home insurance
Your house will not be left unoccupied for more than 60 days in a row.
You home is in a good state of repair, and will be kept in good repair at all times
15% off if you have an approved house alarm that's monitored 24 hours a day

Home Info: N/A
Accidental Damage: No
Fusion Cover: No
Under Insurance Protection: No
Flood Cover: No
Valuables: No
Aviva House Insurance (Which Way To Pay Ireland - 15/8/2013)
Aviva House Insurance is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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