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If you own your own house Getcover Home Insurance cover can provide you with robust insurance cover at an affordable price. Our policy, which is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, covers those unexpected threats to your most valuable asset – your home. Get Cover can provide you with carious types of insurance so work out exactly what you need before hand. It is also really important that you read the terms and conditions of any insurance product you wish to purchase thoroughly to make sure that you understand what you are buying.
Location: UK
1. Whether you are a home owner or a tenant we can save you money while giving you robust home insurance cover.
2. Our home insurance quick quote option allows you to easily compare the price of Getcover House insurance with your current insurance provider’s premium. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!
3. If you want to know how our home insurance policies compare with the market; check us out in the newspapers. We are regularly featured in The Sunday Times "Best Buys" and The Irish Independent "Good Buys" sections.
1. you have to pay an excess if you make a claim
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Policy Name: Get Cover Home Insurance
Policy Cost: From €185.40 per year
Policy Deductable: €0 - €500

Cover Type: Buildings and Contents
Cover Level: Standard - Advance
Cover Detail: You can add optional "All Risks" cover to insure items you regularly take out of the home with you.

Application Methods: Online, Tel
Underwriter: Lloyd’s
Pay Monthly: No

Cheap home insurance
You must use the property as your main home.
At least 85% of the property must be of standard construction (in other words, built of brick, stone or concrete with a slate, tiled or metal decking roof).

Home Info:
Accidental Damage: No
Fusion Cover: No
Under Insurance Protection: No
Flood Cover: No
Valuables: No

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