AIB Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance)
Apply for AIB Travel Insurance and receive 20% off when you buy online. They offer a range of cover options which help you get the travel insurance protection that is right for you. If you are on a budget check out the lite policy offering a lower level of cover.
Location: Ireland
1.Single Trip Travel Insurance: This is a single policy for one off holidays or short breaks. Single Trip Travel Insurance is ideal if you are not planning on travelling again in the next 12 months or haven't finalised your plans yet. Simply choose the length of your stay and whether you are looking for European or Worldwide cover and you're on your way to simple, cost effective cover and peace of mind while travelling.
2.Annual Travel Insurance: Ideal for the frequent traveller, or those planning on taking another trip over the next 12 months. Multi-trip travel insurance covers all your trips over a 12 month period. All you have to do is choose European or Worldwide and tell us who's going - it's that simple!!
3.Wintersports / Ski Holiday Insurance: We offer you optional wintersports cover for your ski or snowboard trip. It can be added to any single trip or annual multi-trip policy.
4.Healthcare+ Travel Insurance: Healthcare+ is for individuals with suitable private health insurance with Aviva Health, Quinn Healthcare or VHI. Healthcare+ saves you money as you are not paying for health cover you already have. Choose a Single Trip or Annual Trip Healthcare+ policy and save!
5.Backpacker Travel Insurance: Planning an extended trip abroad? With cover for trips lasting up to 13 months and a budget option available, we're ensuring you get the cover you need at a price that's suitable for you.
6.65+ Travel Insurance: If you are aged between 65-75 years, or your partner is, we can cover you for those retirement trips abroad, no problem.
7.Business Travel Insurance: For the needs of the business Traveller, tailored to suit your needs.
1. You have to pay an excess if you make a claim
2. There are restrictions and exclusions
1.Single Trip Travel Insurance
2.Annual Travel Insurance
3.Wintersports / Ski Holiday Insurance
4.Healthcare+ Travel Insurance
5.Backpacker Travel Insurance
6.65+ Travel Insurance
7.Business Travel Insurance

Policy Name: AIB Travel Insurance
Policy Cost: From 5
Policy Deductable: Varies

Cover Type: Annual Multi Trip and Single Trip
Cover Level: Lite - Standard
Cover Detail: Apply online

Application Methods: Online, tel
Underwriter: ACE Group Ltd
Pay Monthly: No

Cheap travel insurance for annual or single trips
The policyholder must be at least 18.
You must be living in The Republic of Ireland
20% off Holiday Travel Insurance

Destination: Worldwide
Duration: Annual available
Personal Liability: 2.5 Million
Overseas Medical Expenses: Unlimited
Overseas Emergency Assistance: Available
Cancellation Cover: Up to 3,000
Personal Cover: Up to 1,500

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