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The Irish like to travel. Whether it's within Ireland or overseas, some might even say we are natural explorers! Getting travel cover is an essential part of any trip away from home. What if your flight is delayed, cancelled or if your luggage is lost? Take security with a good travel insurance plan.

What Types of Cover are there?

  • International Travel Insurance

This is cover for your trips outside of Ireland. Depending on where you're travelling to, you can find a good policy to cover you for things like unexpected accident while you're away, medical treatment, stolen personal items and so on.

There are lots of travel insurance types and as you can see from the list above, they all have aspects which suit particular types of trip.

If you're planning a trip, decide which type suits you – whether you're going skiing, on a cruise or just a business trip.

Where can I get Travel Insurance?

There are many insurance companies which offer travel insurance – shop around to find one which suits you. Study what exactly is covered under their policies and which one suits you best. Make sure you take the right policy and don't be afraid to ask the company to be crystal clear.


I already have Compulsory Cover – why Do I need Car Insurance?

Every Irishman and woman who drives a car should have the compulsory third party insurance. When you register your car, you will pay this and it covers you in case other road users are injured and in the event that your car is involved in an accident.

But there are many factors which are not covered by compulsory cover – such as injuries which you might suffer, or damage to your car.

What Insurance Policies are there?

There are many vehicle insurance policies on offer, including:

The Main Types:

  • Damage to your own car (Comprehensive Cover)
  • Damage to the property of others
  • Third Party

Other Types:

  • Caravan insurance
  • Young Drivers
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • Senior Drivers

Which Cover is Right for me?

Which policy or cover type is up to you – there are many providers on the Irish market. Think about your personal circumstances.

Do you drive often, what is your age, might it be much cheaper to cover yourself in the event of an accident? Much as we don't like to think that an accident could happen on the roads, it does happen frequently and even responsible drivers can be the victim of an accident.

Look around the car insurance market, weigh up the options and make sure any prospective insurer is clear with you. Look for what premiums are offered and what the fees and costs are.


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