Allianz Vehicle Insurance (Vehicle Insurance)
Allianz is one of the largest insurers in Ireland. they offer a range of car insurance packages which have been tried and tested in Ireland over many years. Apply online and receive a 10% discount. Before you purchase this insurance make sure that you have read all of the terms and conditions regarding the policy thoroughly. It is important that your insurance covers you for any eventuality and that you fully understand what you are buying. If you have any questions please call the provider. For more info click here.
Location: Ireland
1.Driveway & Roadside Assistance
2.Mechanical or electrical breakdown (e.g flat battery).
3.Puncture that needs help to fix or wheel change.
4.Keys broken in locks or keys locked in your car.
5.Journey Continuation - Rep. of Ireland & Northern Ireland
6.Journey completion for you and your passengers up to a maximum value of €150/£100 or:
7.A free courtesy car for up to 48 hours and return journey to your car when repaired or:
8.Bed and breakfast accommodation where repairs necessitate an overnight stay to a value of €35/£25 for each person to a maximum of €150/£100.
9.When repairs have been carried out on your car in Great Britain we may, with your agreement, make arrangements for you to travel and collect from the repairing garage.
10.Where your car cannot be repaired prior to your departure date, your car will be towed to your departure port.
11.Personal Accident
12.Personal Effects & Clothing
13.Driving Other Cars
14.Eco-friendly Discounts
1. Exclusions and restrictions apply.
2. You can pay over 12 monthly premium payments, an 8% service charge applies.
1. Third Party Fire and Theft 2. Comprehensive 3. No claims bonus

Policy Name: Allianz Vehicle Insurance
Policy Cost: From €586.41
Policy Deductable: €250

Cover Type: Comprehensive/Third Party Fire and Theft
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:
Third Party Fire and Theft
 - covers the injury of people or their property * Driver Exclusions Apply (refer to Motor Insurance Policy Document)
 - covers for loss or damage to your car by theft or fire
 - covers the injury of people or their property * Driver Exclusion apply (refer to Motor Insurance Policy Document)
 - covers for loss or damage to your car by theft or fire
 - protects you against accidental damage to your car.
 Benefit of our No Claims Bonus Protection
 Step-back No Claims Bonus is included as standard

Application Methods: Online, tel
Underwriter: Ask on application
Pay Monthly: Yes

For those in need of car insurance
1.Ireland only 2.Over 18 only
You must be over the age of 18 years old
10% Online Discount

Vehical Info: All Cars
Driver Info: You must be over the age of 18 years old
Allianz Vehicle Insurance (Which Way To Pay Ireland - 3/3/2013)
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3 Star Rating

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